Wind is a German pop-schlager band formed in 1985. In the three times they represented their country at Eurovision, their lineup has changed quite often.

Their first appearance was at the Eurovision Song Contest 1985 in Gothenburg performing the song Für alle. They were such heavy favorites in that contest that some European bookmakers were only offering odds against them winning! They eventually finished second behind Norway in a close race.

Two years later, they re-appeared at the Eurovision Song Contest 1987 in Brussels performing a catchy reggae-style song Laß die Sonne in dein Herz. Leading at one point in the voting, the group once again finished second, 31 points behind Johnny Logan of Ireland.

Their third appearance, at the Eurovision Song Contest 1992 in Malmo, was their least successful. Performing the song Träume sind für alle da, the group finished 16th.

According to The Eurovision Song Contest: The Official History, Wind is the only act to finish second on two occasions.

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