Valters and Kaža (Walters and Kazha) are a duo who represented their homeland, Latvia, in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, held in Kiev, Ukraine, with The War is Not Over.

Valters Fridenbergs, lost his voice at the semi final after party and it was so bad at the dress rehearsal, that only Kaža (Karlis Bumeisters) had to sing the whole song. Fortunately, Valters was able to gain back his voice and sing along in the final, to finish in 5th place. They sung the song one octave lower than they should have.

Valters tried for the 2009 Latvian selection, as a soloist, but failed. However, he with Kaža, he provided commentary for Latvia at the 2011 contest. On his own again, Valters presented the voting results on behalf of Latvia in 2012.