​5. Finland

​Reason: Finland is usually not a bad country when at comes to music in Eurovision. Their recent entries, however, are very messed up. This year's entry is very slow and soothing, so I'm guessing the juries might give it a 7th or 8th in the semi finals. Norma John is an amazing person live, so she'll possibly get a good score with Televoting and might score 11-15th in the finals.

​4. Netherlands

​Reason: Holland usually is a good country in Eurovision and this song isn't an exception! Lots of fans are complaining about the music being dated, but that doesn't matter at all. They're really good live with great harmonizing skills, so their voices will land them a spot in the finals! The song also has a very strong meaning behind it, as it is to tell people who are sick or emotional to " cry no more ". I can see this at least get 8-13th in the finals.

​3. Portugal

​Reason: Wow! This song is so lovely and really brings back that 50s vibe! It's a typical portugese song that Portugal would usually send to Eurovision, with only one exception. Everyone loves it! I mean, we haven't had a real orchestra peform live at Eurovision in around 25 years! I can see this getting a great score between the Televoting, taking this through to 8-13 place in the finals!

​2. Belarus

​Reason: My god, this is amazing! This is the actual first time Belarus has actually sent a song in their own native language, singing about their native lives! The song is a big puff of fresh air. It's really positive and happy, with folk vibes scattered all around it. The female singer is also really energetic and happy live. It could make Kiev say " Hey ey ey ayo to the finals for Belarus! ". Televoters ( and maybe juries ) will LOVE this and will give them a score of 6-11th in finals!

​1. Lithuania

​Reason: YES YES YES! Lithuania, you have sent a true masterpiece! This song is so fresh, so unique, so original and new! It's nothing like boring old * cof * ​Demy! She uses so much stamina and capacity to belt out that amazing chorus of YEAH-YEAH! YEAH YEAH to the finals baby! It could be a borderline qualifier at first (10-8th), but in the finals, Kiev will be getting up at their seats and dancing along to this funky music! Juries and Televoting will LOVE this, and therefore give a score of 4-7th in the finals! A true dark horse!

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