16 - Montenegro (​ Bad peformance with bad vocals. Not much to say )

​15 - Croatia ( ​Annoying repititve song about nothing at all. Deserved last )

​14 - Georgia ( ​Before show this was top 5. Live peformance was atrocious and she wasn't even trying! )

13 - Ukraine (​ Couldn't really get the hype around this song. )

​12 - Serbia ( ​Bland. Not much to say about this one )

​11 - Italy ( ​Didn't deserve to win. If Junior Eurovision went my way, he wouldn't be in top 10. )

10 - Sweden ( ​Vocals were a little off live and peformance was bland )

​9 - Russia ( ​Good vocals but not my cup of tea )

8 - Netherlands (​ This is an ok song, but I prefer the other 7 songs better )

7 - Cyprus ( ​Nice song. But it doesn't make my top 5. )

6 - San Marino ( ​Underrated! I don't get the reason why they placed 15th. I don't care that the green skirt girl messed up, nor do they look " too old " for Junior Eurovision. It's a lovely song. Do come back next year! )

5 - Bulgaria ( ​I don't really like this song as much as others, but it's still good. I wouldn't call it a winner but I still <3 it. )

​4 - Belarus ( ​I love this song! The belarussian and traditional music is very nice, and the costumes has so much traditional all over it! Should've been in top 5! )

​3 - Armenia ( ​I love the childish vibes all over it, Armenian is a beautiful language and the fun of it all makes it better! The bridge instumentals are my fav part, cuz it sounds like you're at a FIFA game :D )

2 - Malta ( ​OMG! How can an 11 year old have such a powerful voice?! Amazing peformance and she was truly a diamond on that stage! )

​1 - Slovenia ( ​I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE THAT THIS PLACED 12TH! She was an amazing little girl on that stage, all on her own, singing her little heart out! The slovenian and fireworks were beautiful as well. I think that was sLOVEenia's chance of getting into the top 5 in their debut! I really want you to perform again, my lovely sLOVEenia! )

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