Un jour, un enfant was the French entry sent to the Eurovision Song Contest 1969, and was performed by Frida Boccara.

The song was performed fourteenth on the night, following Germany and preceding Portugal. It was one of the four songs that made up a tie at the end of the voting and as there was no tiebreaker at the time it was declared one of the joint winners.


Un jour se lèvera sur trois branches de lilas
Qu'un enfant regardera comme un livre d'images
Le monde autour de lui sera vide, et c'est ainsi
Qu'il inventera la vie à sa première page:

En dessinant la forme d'une orange
Il donnera au ciel son premier soleil
En dessinant l'oiseau, il inventera la fleur
En cherchant le bruit de l'eau, il entendra le cri du cœur

En dessinant les branches d'une étoile
Il trouvera, l'enfant, le chemin des grands
Des grands qui ont gardé un regard émerveillé
Pour les fruits de chaque jour et pour les roses de l'amour[1]

A day will dawn upon three branches of lilac
That a child will watch like a picture book
The world around him will be empty, and it's like this
That he'll invent life on his first page:

Drawing the shape of an orange
He'll give the sky its first sun
Drawing the bird, he'll invent the flower
Looking for the sound of water, he'll hear the heartfelt cry

Drawing the rays of a star
The child will find the road of grown-ups
Grown-ups who kept a surprising look
For everyday fruit and for the roses of love



Eurovision 1969 - Frida Boccara - Un jour, un enfant

Eurovision 1969 - Frida Boccara - Un jour, un enfant

Frida Boccara - Un Jour, un Enfant (Studio)

Frida Boccara - Un Jour, un Enfant (Studio)

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