Tina Reynolds, known professionally as Tina, is a former Irish singer.

At the age of sixteen, she won a talent contest at a Butlins holiday camp in Skegness, England, and following this, she was offered a place in the showband The Mexicans. She shorted her stage name to Tina, but soon after manager Tom Cranny died the Mexicans disbanded and Tina along with band member Desi joined big band The Tophatters.

Her first attempt to represent her home country at Eurovision came in 1972, but she finished in joint third behind Sandie Jones. Her second attempt came just two years later, proving more successful. However, it was the same year that ABBA would go on to win the Contest and achieve worldwide fame as a result.

In 1979, she made one final attempt to represent her home country, duetting with Red Hurley, but they finished in last place. After this, she continued on the showband scene until her retirement from the industry.


  • When Maxi, Ireland's representative in 1973, had refused to perform, Tina was brought in as the backup. However, Maxi eventually did go on after RTÉ persuaded her to do so.
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