Tajči Cameron, also known as Tatjana Matejaš is a Croatian singer; she has since taken up citizenship and residence in the United States.

As a pop star in the former Yugoslavia in the late 1980s and early 1990s, she won the national selection of RTV Zagreb, SR Croatia and represented Yugoslavia at the Eurovision Song Contest 1990. The contest was held at Zagreb and she sang the song Hajde da ludujemo. She finished 7th representing Yugoslavia, the host country.

Her Yugoslav music career was cut short by the breakup of Yugoslavia and the wars. She left her homeland in 1992 and pursued a career in stage musicals. She ended up in the United States, seeking television and recording work in the Los Angeles area. There she met Matthew Cameron, whom she married in 2000. She ended up performing music in Roman Catholic churches while auditioning for roles, some of which she turned down because they required nudity.


Tajči shares the same birthday as 2014 Swiss representative Sebalter, but were born 15 years apart (she in 1970 and Sebalter in 1985)

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