Sue Schell, also known as Susan Shell, is a Swiss-American singer. She was a part of a trio along with her friends Peter Reber and Marc Dietrich, and they entered the Eurovision Song Contest together four times, in 1971, 1976, 1979 (with Pfuri, Gorps and Kniri), and 1981, before they chose their own paths that year. The trio performed in a different language each time.

Schell is the daughter of a Swiss mother and a Jewish doctor, and is the descendant of an immigrant family from Austria. Her father served in the Korean War whilst she and her mother lived together in Harlem, New York. When her father returned, her parents divorced and Schell moved to Bern, Switzerland with her mother and her brother.

She was only 14 years of age when Marc Dietrich found her vocal talent and became friends with her. He introduced Schell to his friend Peter Reber, and together they formed "Peter, Sue & Marc".

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