Slovakia debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest 1994 after the country failed to qualify in the prequalifier for the former Eastern Bloc countries in 1993. In their first three participations, 18th was their best placing.

After an absence of eleven years, the country returned for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 with the song Leť tmou, which failed to make the final. The following three attempts have seen similar outcomes; however, one of their three entries, Horehronie, has become a Eurovision classic.

The country has attempted to return to the contest many times, but television ratings and financial difficulties mean that RTVS has withdrawn from the contest indefinitely.


Year Artist Song Language Place Points Semi Points
1994 Tublatanka Nekonečná pieseň Slovak 19 15 No semi final
1995 Relegation from Participating
1996 Marcel Palonder Kým nás máš Slovak 18 19 17 36
1997 Relegated from participating
1998 Katarína Hasprová Modlitba Slovak 21 8 No semi finals
1999-2008 Did not participate
2009 Kamil Mikulčík and Nela Pocisková Leť tmou Slovak -- -- 18 8
2010 Kristína Peláková Horehronie -- -- 16 24
2011 TWiiNS I'm Still Alive English -- -- 13 48
2012 Max Jason Mai Don't Close Your Eyes -- -- 18 22
2013-present Does not participate
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