Serbia and Montenegro participated in the Eurovision Song Contest twice, from 2004. Their debut was a success, the country finishing second with the performance of Željko Joksimović. In 2005, the second performance ended 7th, courtesy of the band No Name from Podgorica, Montenegro. Serbia and Montenegro is one of the few countries that have sent all the songs in one of the official languages.

They were due to take part in the 2006 contest, but pulled out due to the Montenegrin Independence Referendum, but both countries then came back in 2007, with a win for Serbia.


Year Artist Song Language Place Points Semi Points
Former participations as IconYugoslavia Yugoslavia
2004 Željko Joksimović Lane moje Serbian 2 263 1 263
2005 No Name Zauvijek moja Montenegrin 7 137 Top 12 in 2004
2006 Moja ljubavi Withdrawn
Now independent, and participates as IconSerbia Serbia and IconMontenegro Montenegro.


  • Serbia and Montenegro withdrew from the 2006 contest. They were already entered to the Semi Final by not pulling out early enough. They automatically placed last in a contest they didn't compete in.
  • Serbia and Montenegro's votes were actually from Serbia alone, as Montenegro did not televise the event
  • The country was subject to a 12-year expulsion by the EBU that was brought out by wars breaking out in former Yugoslavia, which the nation participated under in 1992.
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