Sandra Caldarone, known professionally as Sandra Kim, is a Belgian singer of Italian descent.  She started singing when she was seven years old.

She is best known for her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 1986 in Bergen, Norway with the song J'aime La Vie. The song won with 176 points and remains Belgium's only victory to date. At the age of 13 when she won, Sandra is the youngest winner in Eurovision history, a record that can never be broken due to the current age rules and the introduction of the Junior Eurovision contest.


  • J'aime la vie (1986, French-language)
  • Bien dans ma peau (1988, French-language)
  • Balance tout (1991, French-language) / Met open ogen (1991, Dutch-language)
  • Les Sixties (1993, French-language) / Sixties (1993, Dutch-language)
  • Onvergetelijk (1997, Dutch-language)
  • Heel diep in mijn hart (1998, Dutch-language, 2-track single)
  • Make Up (2011, English & French - Language)


  • "Ami Ami" (French)
  • "J'aime la Vie" (French-winner ESC 1986)
  • "Tokyo Boy" (French-language)
  • "Sorry" (French)
  • "Laurence" (French)
  • "Souviens-Toi" (French)
  • "Berlin" (French)
  • "J'aime Mon Pays' (French)
  • "Coup de Coeur" (French)
  • "Malaguena" (French/English)
  • "Bel Me, Schrijf Me" (duet with Flemish Belgian singer Luc Steeno, Dutch-language)
  • "Reprends Ta Place" (French)
  • "Jij Beheerst Mij Totaal" (Dutch)
  • "Je N 'ai Pas Fini de T'aimer" (French)
  • "Dans Dans Dans" (Dutch)
  • "Hou Me Vast" (Dutch)
  • "Wat Doe jij Vanavond?" (Dutch)
  • "Je Ne Suis Qu'Une Femme"(French)
  • "Door Veel Van Mij te Houden" (Dutch & Frank Galan)
  • "Mijn Lieveling" (Dutch & Frank Galan)
  • "Heel Diep In Mijn Hart" (Dutch)
  • "Hou Van Mij" (Dutch)
  • "Je Hoort Bij Mij" (Dutch)
  • "Enkel Voor Eén Dag" (Dutch & Frank Galan)
  • "Vivere Uguale" (Italian)
  • "J'ai Pas Fini de T'Aimer" (French)
  • "Anyway the Wind Blows" (2010, English-language)
  • "Make Up" (English)
  • "Voler le Temps" (French)
  • "Crying Out For You" (English & Udo)
  • "Top Price" (English)
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