The microstate of San Marino joined the list of Eurovision countries in 2008. They made their debut with Miodio performing Complice. The country placed last in their semi-final, leading to a withdrawal from the next two contests.

San Marino returned in 2011 with Senit, again failing to qualify. The country has failed to qualify until 2014. Valentina Monetta, making her third consecutive participation, took San Marino to the final for the first time, placing 24th. This makes her the first singer to participate in three consecutive contests since Udo Jürgens, who competed in 1964, 1965 and 1966. However, Monetta broke a "prophecy" of winning at least once in three consecutive performances. They qualified for the second time in 2019, again, with returning participant Serhat Hacıpaşalıoğlu, who placed 19th, giving the country its best placing to date.

Former Junior Eurovision participants for San Marino Michele Perniola and Anita Simoncini represented the country in 2015. Monetta returned to the Eurovision stage in 2017 with Jimmie Wilson, scoring her worst result yet (last in the semi-final).

San Marino primarily votes with juries, as they do not have a sufficient independent televoting system (they share Italy's phone network).



Year Artist Song Language Final Points Semi Points
2008 Miodio Complice Italian -- -- 19 5
2009-2010 Did Not Compete
2011 Senit Stand By English -- -- 16 34
2012 Valentina Monetta The Social Network Song -- -- 14 31
2013 Crisalide (Vola) Italian -- -- 11 47
2014 Maybe (Forse) English 24 14 10 40
2015 Michele & Anita Chain of Lights -- -- 16 11
2016 Serhat I Didn't Know -- -- 12 68
2017 Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson Spirit of the Night -- -- 18 1
2018 Jessika ft. Jenifer Who We Are -- -- 17 28
2019 Serhat Say Na Na Na 19 77 8 150
2020 Event Cancelled
2021 Senit
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