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Logo for the 2016 London Eurovision Party

Pre-parties are special annual preview events held in various countries as the songs and artists of each year's Eurovision Song Contest are confirmed. Done often in conjunction with the various branches of the OGAE network and other sponsors, it is an opportunity for fans to meet their favorite artists and watch them perform their entries in a live, intimate setting.

Most pre-parties are done around the end of March to about mid-April, between the full confirmation of the artists/songs for the contest and preparations for the main contest in May. Some countries also hold special events as send-offs before an artist leaves for the contest.

Eurovision In Concert

Held in early April in Amsterdam, this is the best known of the Eurovision pre-parties and usually sells out well in advance. 2017 saw a record number of countries participating with 33 of the 42 artists appearing at the event. It was hosted at the Melkweg until 2017, and since 2018 has been staged at AFAS Live.

London Eurovision Party

Held in mid-April in London's Café de Paris, upwards of 20 participants take part each year performing their entries and often a favorite song from previous contests. Special guests from years past are often invited, and each artist receives a print of their icon by the artists behind the wildly popular MiniPop icons.

Israel Calling

Held in early to mid-April in Tel Aviv, Israel, this pre-party started in 2016 and has been growing in popularity ever since. It is a multi-day event where the participating artists take part in activities such as planting trees in the "Eurovision Forest" and visiting historical/cultural sites. The party culminates in a live concert featuring the artists and some special guests, the 2018 concert was staged in front of tens of thousands of fans in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square. As Tel Aviv was hosting the 2019 contest, the party didn't take place that year.

Other Known Events

  • Pre-Party Riga (held in Latvia)
  • Moscow Preview Party (held in Russia)
  • ESPre-Party (held in Spain)