Paulo de Carvalho is a Portuguese singer specializing in Fado music. He founded his first band in 1965 called The Sheiks, and also performed instrumental roles in other Portuguese bands.

He represented his country on two occasions at Eurovision, but it was his first appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest 1974 in Brighton that was the most notable. Performing the song E depois do adeus, he finished in joint last place, but the song was the rallying signal for the Carnation Revolution that successfully overthrew the government in power at the time.

His second appearance was at the Eurovision Song Contest 1977 in London as part of the group Os Amigos performing the song Portugal no coração. It finished in 14th place overall.

Over the course of his career, Paulo has released over a dozen albums and won many international awards. In 2009, he was honored with the Ordem da Liberdade from the Portuguese president.

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