Paula Seling is a Romanian musician, TV celebrity, Radio DJ, and a coach from television music competition franchise X Factor, Season 1. She has released more than thirteen albums (including three Christmas albums) and over twenty singles, including two top-ten hits in the Romanian Top 100, a minor European hit which entered the charts in Finland and Norway, as well as the UK Singles Chart, and a good position on the worldwide chart of popularity by the name of Starcount, that analysed fans concern about the artists from all over the world

She is an outspoken supporter of personal freedoms, individual rights and human rights, she is an inspiration to young people and through her style, grace and humility she provides an example for all of us. Also provided the Romanian dubbing in Cars 2, for Holley Shiftwell, and this information has been provided at Antena 1 news by Romanian news presenter, Andreea Berecleanu.

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