Jahn Teigen

Jahn Teigen at the 1978 contest, said to be the most famous "nul pointer" of all

"Nul Points" is considered to be the most famous phenomenon of the Eurovision Song Contest. The term refers to an entry (or entries) that fails to earn a single point. It is often preceded by the words "the dreaded", as it is the one score that every country is determined to avoid getting.

To date, there have been 36 victims of "nul points" in the finals, with 2 entries even failing to get a single point in the semifinals and even 11 entries not getting a point on one half of the split vote system (7 in the final, 4 in the semifinal).  

The most unfortunate victims are Norway and Austria, having each scored "nul points" 4 times (Switzerland too, if the semi-finals are counted).

As of 2016, it is deemed almost impossible to attain nul points due to the new voting system (it almost happened in 2017 with San Marino in semifinal 2 and Spain in the final).

Victims of "Nul Points"

Year Country Artist Song Notes
1962 IconBelgium Belgium Fud Leclerc Ton nom First victim due to being early in the running order, also the first time one of the founding seven countries gets the nul points.
IconSpain Spain Victor Balaguer Llámame First time a now Big Five country gains the nul points.
IconAustria Austria Eleonore Schwarz Nur in der Wiener Luft
IconThe Netherlands The Netherlands De Spelbrekers Katinka
1963 IconThe Netherlands The Netherlands Annie Palmen Een speeldoos First time a country gets nul points in consecutive years, and the first time a country gets served twice.
IconNorway Norway Anita Thallaug Solhverv First time Norway gets served the nul points
IconFinland Finland Laila Halme Muistojeni laulu
IconSweden Sweden Monica Zetterlund En gång i Stockholm First time that Sweden was in last place, one of only two times ever.
1964 IconGermany Germany Nora Nova Man gewöhnt sich so schnell an das Schöne One of the longest Eurovision title names to exist.
IconPortugal Portugal António Calvário Oração First time a debut entry got the nul points.
IconYugoslavia Yugoslavia Sabahudin Kurt Život je sklopio krug Only last place of Yugoslavia. 
IconSwitzerland Switzerland Anita Traversi I miei pensieri
1965 IconSpain Spain Conchita Bautista ¡Qué bueno, qué bueno! First time a previous performer got the nul points.
IconGermany Germany Ulla Wiesner Paradies, wo bist du? The second time a country got the nul points twice.
IconBelgium Belgium Lize Marke Als het weer lente is
IconFinland Finland Viktor Klimenko Aurinko laskee länteen
1966 IconMonaco Monaco Téréza Bien plus fort Monaco's only brush with the nul points.
IconItaly Italy Domenico Modugno Dio, come ti amo First time Italy had last place and the second time when a previous performer placed last with nul points.
1967 IconSwitzerland Switzerland Géraldine Gaulier Quel cœur vas-tu briser? Last time the nul points happened on the older voting system.
1970 IconLuxembourg Luxembourg David Alexandre Winter Je suis tombé du ciel First and only time Luxembourg was served the nul points.
1978 IconNorway Norway Jahn Teigen Mil etter mil First time an entry gets nul points in the 12-point scoring system. Ironically, the song became a huge hit in Norway, dubbing Teigen the most famous "nul pointer" of all time.
1981 IconNorway Norway Finn Kalvik Aldri i livet 3rd time Norway gets the nul points, also the first time under the new voting system when a country gets nul points twice.
1982 IconFinland Finland Kojo Nuku pommiin Second year in a row and the third time in 4 years a Nordic country gets nul points.
1983 IconSpain Spain Remedios Amaya ¿Quién maneja mi barca? First time in the new voting system where two countries shared the nul points.
IconTurkey Turkey Çetin Alp & The Short Waves Opera First time Turkey gets the nul points.
1987 IconTurkey Turkey Seyyal Taner & Locomotif Şarkım Sevgi Üstüne Second time in 4 years that Turkey gets hit with the nul points.
1988 IconAustria Austria Wilfried Scheutz Lisa, Mona Lisa
1989 IconIceland Iceland Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson Það sem enginn sér First time Iceland gets handed the nul points
1991 IconAustria Austria Thomas Forstner Venedig im Regen Austria gets served for the second time in 3 years and third time overall. The artist finished in the top 5 only 2 years prior.
1994 IconLithuania Lithuania Ovidijus Vyšniauskas Lopšinė mylimai Second time a debut country is served the nul points.
1997 IconNorway Norway Tor Endresen San Francisco Last time a Nordic country gets the nul points. Norway gets nul points for a record fourth time.
IconPortugal Portugal Célia Lawson Antes do adeus Second time since 1983 that two countries share the nul points.
1998 IconSwitzerland Switzerland Gunvor Guggisberg Lass' ihn Last known time Switzerland gets served nul points in a contest final.
2003 IconUnited Kingdom United Kingdom Jemini Cry Baby First time the UK comes in last and with nul points, as well as the first English-language song to not score any points. It was such a huge disappointment that Jemini eventually split up afterwards.
2015 IconAustria Austria The Makemakes I Am Yours

First time since 2003 that a country gets nul points in the final. Austria gets served for the fourth time, tying Norway's record.
Also, the host country gets nul points for the first time.

IconGermany Germany Ann Sophie Black Smoke Germany is served for the first time since 1965. It is also the first time since 1997 that two countries share the nul points.

"Nul Points" in the Semi-Finals

Year Country Singer(s) Song Notes
2004 IconSwitzerland Switzerland Piero and the MusicStars Celebrate First nul points to happen in the semi finals
2009 IconCzech Republic Czech Republic Aven Romale Second time nul points occurs in the semi-finals. The Czechs decide to take a leave of absence from the competition, returning in 2015.

"Nul Points" in the 50:50 split

In the final

  • Echo (You and I) (France 2012): 21 points from the jury (nul points in the televote)
  • I Am Yours (Austria 2015): 40 points from the jury (nul points in the televote). However, Austria failed to score overall because in the voting system of 2015, each country ranked all the songs in the final rather than just their top 10 choices in the voting system of 2012.
  • I Stand (Czech Republic 2016): 41 points from the jury (nul points in the televote)
  • Running on Air (Austria 2017): 93 points from the jury (nul points in the televote)
  • Do It For Your Lover (Spain 2017): 5 points from the Portuguese televote (nul points with the jury)
  • Sister (Germany 2019): 32 points from the jury (nul points in the televote)
  • Home (Israel 2019): 35 points from the televote (nul points with the jury)

In the semifinal

  • Breathlessly (Malta 2017): 55 points from the jury (nul points in the televote)
  • Spirit of the Night (San Marino 2017): 1 point from the German televote (nul points from the jury)
  • Our Choice (Iceland 2018): 15 points from the jury (nul points in the televote)
  • Limits (Austria 2019): 21 points from the jury (nul points in the televote)
The best of the "worst"

The best of the "worst". When you get points at the Eurovision Song Contest


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  • Nul Points was also the title of a 1993 documentary by the BBC about the contest.
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