Over the 60 years of the Eurovision Song Contest, there have been quite a few songs that were selected or chosen but never made it to the contest. There are many reasons for this to happen, such as the broadcaster/artist withdrawing before the contest started, disagreements with the song, rule breaking, and more.

NOTE: Due to the nature of the circumstances surrounding the cancellation of the 2020 contest and the further ineligibility for the following year, all 41 songs from that edition will not be classified as withdrawn and will continue to be archived on the Wiki.

List of Withdrawn Songs

Year Country Artist Song Language Notes
1963 IconSpain Spain José Guardiola Nubes de colores Spanish Replaced with Algo prodigioso.
1967 IconItaly Italy Claudio Villa Non pensare a me Italian Replaced as it had been released too early.
1968 IconNorway Norway Odd Børre Jag har aldri vært så glad i no'en som deg Norwegian The song's title would've been the longest in Eurovision history. It was also accused of plagiarism due to it sounding allegedly similar to Cliff Richard's song Summer Holiday.
1968 IconSpain Spain Joan Manuel Serrat La La La Catalan Originally, the winning song of Eurovision 1968, was set to be performed by Joan Manuel Serrat but he demanded to sing it in Catalan. The Franco dictatorship would not allow this and insisted that the entry should be Performed in Spanish, official Language of all Territories of Spain, One week before the contest, Massiel was asked to replace Joan as representative at the Eurovision, because regional languages were repressed under Franco regime.
1974 IconFrance France Dani La vie à 25 ans French Withdrawn due to President Pompidou's funeral.
1974 IconMalta Malta Enzo Guzman Paci Fid Dinja (Peace To The World) Maltese, English Withdrawn due to lack of funds by the broadcaster
1976 IconGermany Germany Tony Marshall Der Star German Disqualified as it had been previously performed in public
1976 IconMalta Malta Enzo Guzman Sing Your Song, Country Boy English
1978 IconGreece Greece Anna Vissi Mr Nobel Greek
1979 IconTurkey Turkey Maria Rita Epik & 21.Peron Seviyorum Turkish Withdrawn due to pressure from Arab nations due to the 1979 contest being held in Israel.
1980 IconIsrael Israel Ha'achim ve Ha'achayot Pizmon Chozer Hebrew Withdrawn due to IBA not wanting to host the 1980 contest and the Israeli government turned down a request to extend the IBA budget. Moreover, the date that was eventually set for the 1980 contest by the European Broadcasting Union coincided with Israel's Day of Remembrance for their casualties of war.
1982 IconGreece Greece Thermis Adamantidis Sarantapente Kopelles Greek Withdrawn a few weeks before the contest by ERT
1984 IconIsrael Israel Ilanit Balalaika Hebrew Withdrawn by EBU.
1987 IconSweden Sweden Lotta Engberg Fyra Bugg och en Coca Cola Swedish Re-titled Boogaloo due to the rule regarding the use of brand names.
1988 IconCyprus Cyprus Yiannis Demetriou Thimame (San to rock 'n' roll) Greek Disqualified because it was a re-work of a song from the 1984 Cypriot final.
1990 IconAustria Austria Duett Das Beste German Disqualified as it had been previously entered in the German heats in 1988.
1992 IconSwitzerland Switzerland Geraldine Olivier Soleil, Soleil German Withdrawn due to being entered for the National Final to the wrong Swiss broadcaster
1999 IconBosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Hari Mata Hari Starac i more Bosnian Withdrawn as it had been released by a Finnish artist in 1995
1999 IconGermany Germany Corinna May Hör' den Kindern einfach zu German Withdrawn as it was released by another artist in 1997
2002 IconLithuania Lithuania B'Avarija We All English Withdrawn after it was revealed a Lithuanian version had been released in 2001
2003 IconSerbia and Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro Toše Proeski Čija Si Serbian Withdrawn after the EBU decided to cut back on the number of competing countries in 2003
2005 IconBelarus Belarus Angelica Agurbash Boys and Girls English Replaced due to negative feedback from the public
2005 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon Aline Lahoud Quand tout s'enfuit French Withdrawn due to Israel's participation
2006 IconFrance France Virginie Pouchain Vous, c'est nous French Withdrawn by the composer
2006 IconSerbia and Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro No Name Moja ljubavi Montenegrin Withdrawn due to the scandal which took place during the national final where juries voted based on the performers' nationalities, which have occured since Serbia and Montenegro returned to Eurovision in 2004.
2009 IconGeorgia Georgia Stephane & 3G We Don't Wanna Put In English Rejected from the EBU on grounds of politics in the song
2010 IconBelarus Belarus 3+2 Far Away English Replaced due to negative feedback from the public
2010 IconUkraine Ukraine Vasyl Lazarovich I love you... English, Ukrainian Withdrawn due to negative feedback. NTU later started the process from scratch
2011 IconBelarus Belarus Anastasiya Vinnikova I am Belarussian English Disqualified for previous performance in public before the cut-off date
2012 IconItaly Italy Nina Zilli Per Sempre Italian Won the San Remo Festival, but RAI changed the entry at the last minute
2012 IconBelarus Belarus Alyona Lanskaya All my life English Disqualified due to accusations of vote-fixing
2012 IconSan Marino San Marino Valentina Monetta Facebook Uh Oh Oh English Re-written as The Social Network Song due to the rule regarding the use of brand names
2013 IconNorth Macedonia North Macedonia Lozano & Esma Imperija Macedonian Replaced due to poor feedback from the public
2013 IconBelarus Belarus Alyona Lanskaya Rhythm Of Love English
2013 IconBulgaria Bulgaria Elitsa & Stoyan Kismet Bulgarian Replaced due to copyright allegations
2014 IconBelarus Belarus TEO Cheesecake English Resubmitted to the EBU with new lyrics (the original contained references to Google Maps, which is a violation of the rule regarding the use of brand names)
2015 IconAlbania Albania Elhaida Dani Diell Albanian Withdrawn by the composer
2015 IconGermany Germany Andreas Kummert Heart of Stone English Andreas Kummert didn't want to go to the Contest in Vienna
2016 IconMalta Malta Ira Losco Chameleon English Won the Maltese final, but was decided upon to replace with a new song
IconItaly Italy Stadio Un giorno mi dirai Italian Won San Remo, but Stadio declined the offer to go to Stockholm
IconAlbania Albania Eneda Tarifa Përrallë Albanian The broadcaster and Eneda decided to change the song into English.
IconRomania Romania Ovidiu Anton Moment of Silence English Withdrawn by the EBU less than 3 weeks before the contest due to outstanding financial debts owed by TVR.
2017 IconRussia Russia Yulia Samoilova Flame is Burning English Ukraine issued a travel ban against Samoilova, barring her from entering the country
2019 IconUkraine Ukraine MARUV Siren Song English MARUV refused to give into the demands of the broadcaster's contract. Ukraine withdrew as a result of not being able to find a replacement.
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