Kenan Cihan Doğulu is a Turkish singer-songwriter, composer, and producer.

As one of two sons of the musician Yurdaer Doğulu, Kenan had been exposed to music from a young age. enrolling into the piano class of the School of Music at the age of five. After that, he took a series of classes in flute, guitar, drama, rhythmic instruments, and vocals. He eventually graduae

In the nineties, he released three albums, after which he took a hiatus. From 2001 onwards, he released music more regularly, along with remix albums.

He was internally selected by the TRT to represent Turkey at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 in Helsinki, after which he submitted three songs to take into consideration. Ultimately, one of them, Shake It Up Şekerim was chosen to be performed in the contest. Qualifying from the semi-final in third place, it ultimately placed 4th in the grand final with 163 points.

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