Jemini can be safely said as one of the most shameful UK entries sent, giving the country a last place, having performed their song Cry Baby, but also with the infamous Nul Points, which has cursed many countries, Norway the most.

The Eurovision failure prompted both devastation in the British media. Jemini admitted that their performance was off-key, and claimed they were unable to hear the backing track due to a technical fault. Cromby claimed that Terry Wogan had warned them before the contest that they would not get any points due to the nation's involvement in the Iraq War.

Author and historian John Kennedy O'Connor notes in The Eurovision Song Contest - The Official History that with a record field of 26 entries, this made the UK's failure the most spectacular in the history of the contest. Due to their failure at Eurovision, they were immediately dropped by their record label (Integral Records UK), and as a consequence of this, their album was never released. Cry Baby entered the UK Singles Chart at #15, but spent only three weeks in the chart.

They split up afterwards but reunited a decade later for a special interview about their performance in a two-hour long BBC Three special How To Win Eurovision. The special aired on 11 May 2013. In 2014, the duo reunited once again to take part in a celebrity Eurovision special of the BBC game show, Pointless.