Inga Arshakyan, known mononymously as Inga, performed in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 with her elder sister Anush, performing the song Jan Jan, which inspires the Armenian dance of Nor Par. Many think the two are twins, but Anush was born just a year before her.

In 1997, Inga graduated from S. Aslamazyan music school with her sister and A. Babajanyan music college as a violinist. She was also working at the G. Achemyan violin ensemble next to her studies. She toured around Armenia with the ensemble.

In 1998, Inga joined Anush and they promoted their activities together. They performed duets and arias, where the violin has a great role. They graduated from the Armenian State Conservatory, jazz vocal class, together in 2005.

Inga returned to Eurovision as part of the group Genealogy, representing Armenia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 performing the song Face The Shadow. This made her the first Armenian artist to represent her country at the contest on two occasions.

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