Hot Eyes was a Danish pop duo made up of Kirsten Siggard and Søren Bundgaard. They represented their country at Eurovision on three separate occasions in the 1980s including two consecutive appearances.

Their first appearance was at the Eurovision Song Contest 1984 in Luxembourg with the song Det' lige det. In a year where all the Scandinavian countries finished in the top 10, the duo finished in 4th place.

A year later, they returned at the Eurovision Song Contest 1985 in Gothenburg with the song Sku' du spørg' fra no'en?, which featured Søren's young daughter taking clothes off the backing singers and putting them on herself. This was their least successful attempt, finishing in 11th place.

Their third attempt came at the Eurovision Song Contest 1988 in Dublin performing Ka' du se hva' jeg sa'?. Unlike Gothenburg, this appearance was the most successful for the duo, finishing in 3rd place.

The duo split up in 1991. Kirsten still enjoys a successful solo career in Denmark.

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