The Grand Prix is the highest accolade of the Eurovision Song Contest, it is given annually to the winner of that year's contest along with the opportunity to host the following year's contest.  In the past, it has been presented to the winning composers, but nowadays it is presented to the winning artist.

The design of the Grand Prix has changed over the years: in the early days of the contest it was given out as a medallion, while other times the trophy reflects the spirit of that year's competition and/or host nation.  Since 2008, the trophy is a glass microphone with the logo of the contest featuring the host country's flag in the distinctive center heart.

Traditionally, the trophy is handed over by the previous year's winner, but most often when that person isn't available it is presented by a representative of the EBU or the host broadcaster.

Presenters of the Grand Prix

Year Presenter
1956 Marcel Bezençon (EBU)
1957 Ederhard Beckmann (HR/ARD)
1958 J.V. Rengeling (NTS)
1959 Jean d'Arcy (ORTF)
1960 Teddy Scholten
1961 Tessa Beaumont
1962 Jean-Claude Pascal
1963 Stuart Hood (BBC)
1964 Svend Pedersen (DR)
1965 Mario del Monaco
1966 France Gall
1967 Udo Jürgens
1968 Sandie Shaw
1969 Massiel
1970 Lenny Kuhr
1971 Dana
1972 Séverine
1973 Vicky Leandros
1974 Sir Charles Curran (BBC)
1975 Henrik Jahre (SR)
1976 Getty Kaspers (Teach-In)
1977 Sir Charles Curran (BBC)
1978 Marie Myriam
1979 Itzak Libni (IBA) and Izhar Cohen
1980 Marcel Bezençon (EBU)
1981 Johnny Logan and Shay Healy
1982 Sir Ian Trethowen (BBC)
1983 Nicole
1984 Corinne Hermès
1985 Herreys
1986 Bobbysocks and Rolf Løvland
1987 Sandra Kim
1988 Johnny Logan
1989 Celine Dion
1990 Goran Radman (JRT/RTZ)
1991 Alber Schard (EBU)
1992 Carola
1993 Linda Martin
1994 Niamh Kavanagh
1995 Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan
1996 Fionnuala Sherry, Rolf Løvland and Pettar Skavland
1997 Eimear Quinn
1998 Katrina Leskanich
1999 Dana International
2000 Kattis Ahlström and Anders Lundin
2001 Olsen Brothers
2002 Tanel Padar and Dave Benton
2003 Sarah Yuen (EBU) and Gundars Rojas (Mayor of Riga)
2004 Sertab Erener
2005 Ruslana, Viktor Yuschenko (President of Ukraine) and Volodymyr Klytschko
2006 Helena Paparizou and Christos Panagopoulos (ERT)
2007 Santa Claus
2008 Marija Šerifović
2009 Dima Bilan and Lys Assia
2010 Alexander Rybak
2011 Lena
2012 Ell and Nikki
2013 Loreen
2014 Emmelie de Forest
2015 Conchita Wurst
2016 Måns Zelmerlöw
2017 Jamala
2018 Salvador Sobral
2019 Netta Barzilai
2020 Event Cancelled
2021 Duncan Laurence
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