Gigliola Cinquetti is one of Italy's best-known and best-loved singers and TV presenters. She represented her country at Eurovision twice within 10 years and is one of five artists who have won in one year and finished second in another.

Her first appearance was at the Eurovision Song Contest 1964 in Copenhagen at the age of 16 performing the song Non ho l'età. She won in convincing fashion, with over double the points more than the second-place entry from the United Kingdom, making her the youngest Eurovision winner ever until Sandra Kim eclipsed that feat 22 years later. The song went on to become a massive global hit, as did her version of Domenico Modugno's 1966 "nul pointer" Dio, come ti amo.

Ten years later, she came back to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 1974 in Brighton with the song . However, RAI did not show the performance so as not to interfere with an ongoing divorce referendum in Italy at the time, citing the reason that the song could influence the results. Nonetheless, she finished second behind ABBA.

Gigliola later co-hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 1991 in Rome alongside Toto Cutugno as Italy's only Eurovision winners to date. Today she hosts a current affairs program on RAI.

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