Gary Lux is a Canadian-born Austrian singer. He was born in Kingston, west of Ottawa, and moved to Austria when he was very young.

He represented his country 3 times within the span of 4 years. His first appearance was at the Eurovision Song Contest 1983 in Munich with the band Westend performing Hurricane, which finished 9th. Two years later, he participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 1985 in Gothenburg as a soloist, performing Kinder dieser Welt. He fared a little better than Munich, finishing 8th.

His third appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest 1987 in Brussels was his least successful, his song Nur noch Gefühl finished third from last with 8 points, only impressing the Italian and Greek juries.

Gary made 3 other appearances in 1984, 1993 and 1995 as an uncredited backing singer.

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