Current Executive Supervisor Martin Österdahl

The Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest is a representative of the EBU whose duties include overseeing many of the aspects of the contest.  He or she is also given the task of scrutineer, and it's his or her job to make sure that the voting procedure runs smoothly and all the points are allocated correctly. The Executive Supervisor is also in charge of the rules of the contest, the Head of Delegation meetings, and submitted songs.

He (or she) also sits as an EBU liaison in the contest's Reference Group.

They also have a responsibility to rely on their voting partners (currently PwC or Digame) to ensure that allocations are fair, and that the voting is fair.

It is unknown who held the position during the period between 1957 and 1963.

The current executive supervisor is Swedish TV producer Martin Österdahl.

As of 2016, the Executive Supervisor also oversees the Junior Eurovision contest.


List of Executive Supervisors/Scrutineers

Name Year(s) Served
Rolf Liebermann 1956
Miroslav Vilček 1964-1965
Clifford Brown 1966-1977
Frank Naef 1978-1992
Christian Clausen 1993-1995
Christine Marchal-Ortiz 1996, 1998-2002
Marie-Claire Vionnet 1997
Sarah Yuen 2003
Svante Stockselius 2004-2010
Jon Ola Sand 2011-2020
Martin Österdahl 2021-


  • Christine Marchal-Ortiz, Marie-Claire Vionnet and Sarah Yuen are the only women to serve as Executive Supervisor. Vionnet previously served as the main assistant to Frank Naef.
  • Jon Ola Sand and Martin Österdahl are the only two Executive Supervisors at present to have their own catchphrases when the results are verified. Sand's is "Take it away", while Österdahl's is "You're good to go".



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