The Eurovision Song Contest 1988 was the 33rd in the series and was held on 30 April 1988 in Dublin, Ireland after Johnny Logan's second win the previous year with the song Hold Me Now.  It was held at the RDS Simmonscourt Pavilion (which previously hosted the 1981 contest) and was presented by Michelle Rocca and Pat Kenny.

All 22 nations from the previous year were set to compete, however, Cyprus had sent a song that had been previously done in their 1984 national selection and was forced to withdraw, leaving 21 nations to vie for the 1988 Grand Prix.

This contest is best known for the exciting climax to the voting sequence in which Canadian singer Celine Dion won for Switzerland with the song Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi, beating the United Kingdom's Scott Fitzgerald by one point. Celine would go on to launch an international career that has spanned more than two decades. Lara Fabian, who finished 4th for Luxembourg, also launched a successful career as a result of her participation.


Draw Country Artist Song Language Translation Place Points
01 IconIceland Iceland Beathoven Þú og þeir (Sókrates) Icelandic You and they (Socrates) 16 20
02 IconSweden Sweden Tommy Körberg Stad i ljus Swedish City of light 12 52
03 IconFinland Finland Boulevard Nauravat silmät muistetaan Finnish Laughing eyes are remembered 20 3
04 IconUnited Kingdom United Kingdom Scott Fitzgerald Go English -- 2 136
05 IconTurkey Turkey MFÖ Sufi Turkish -- 15 37
06 IconSpain Spain La Década Prodigosa La chica que yo quiero (Made In Spain) Spanish The girl that I want (Made In Spain) 11 58
07 IconThe Netherlands The Netherlands Gerard Joling Shangri-La Dutch -- 9 70
08 IconIsrael Israel Yardena Arazi Ben Adam Hebrew Human being 7 85
09 IconSwitzerland Switzerland Celine Dion Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi French Don't leave without me 1 137
10 IconIreland Ireland Jump The Gun Take Him Home English -- 8 79
11 IconGermany Germany Maxi & Chris Garden Lied für einen Freund German Song for a friend 14 48
12 IconAustria Austria Wilfried Scheutz Lisa, Mona Lisa German -- 21 0
13 IconDenmark Denmark Hot Eyes Ka' du se hva' jeg sa'? Danish Don't you see, that's what I told you? 3 92
14 IconGreece Greece Afroditi Frida Kloun Greek Clown 17 10
15 IconNorway Norway Karoline Krüger For vår jord Norwegian For our earth 5 88
16 IconBelgium Belgium Reynaert Laissez briller le soleil French Let the sun shine 18 5
17 IconLuxembourg Luxembourg Lara Fabian Croire French Believing 4 90
18 IconItaly Italy Luca Barbarossa Vivo (Ti Scrivo) Italian Alive (I write you) 12 52
19 IconFrance France Gérard Lenorman Chanteur du charme French Crooner 10 64
20 IconPortugal Portugal Dora Voltarei Portuguese I will come back 18 5
21 IconYugoslavia Yugoslavia Srebrna Krila Mangup Croatian Rascal 6 87


  • This was the first contest to feature a computer-generated scoreboard.
  • It was also the first contest to feature the previous year's winner perform a truncated reprise of their winning entry.
  • This was the last contest to use the re-vote tiebreaker rule.
  • At the time, this was the closest finish since the infamous 4-way tie of 1969.
  • A behind-the-scenes documentary about the 1988 contest was made for RTE called "And finally... France". The title was taken from the announcement of the 12 points from the Yugoslavian jury, who decided the outcome.
  • 1987 Tour de France champion Stephen Roche made an appearance in the Finnish postcard.
  • As of 2020, Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi is the last French-language song to win Eurovision.
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