The Eurovision Song Contest 1986 was the 31st edition held on 3 May 1986 at the Grieghalle in Bergen, Norway by way of Bobbysocks!' win in Gothenburg the previous year. It was hosted by Åse Kleveland, who, like Lill Lindfors before her, represented her country at the 1966 contest.

Iceland made its debut, while Yugoslavia and the Netherlands returned after a year away.  Italy and Greece withdrew.

Several milestones were reached in this edition: the 500th song was performed by Sherisse Laurence representing Luxembourg. It also launched the career of interval act performer Sissel Kyrkjebø, who would later go on to perform at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer and lend her voice to the soundtrack of the hit movie Titanic.

After finishing last the previous year, Belgium emerged as the winner with the song J'aime La Vie performed by Sandra Kim. At only 13 years old, Sandra became the youngest ever Eurovision winner, a record that under the current rules of the contest and with the creation of Junior Eurovision, will never be broken.


Draw Country Artist Song Language Translation Place Points
01 IconLuxembourg.png Luxembourg Sherisse Laurence L'amour de ma vie French The love of my life 3 117
02 IconYugoslavia.png Yugoslavia Doris Dragović Željo Moja Croatian My Desire 11 49
03 IconFrance.png France Cocktail Chic Européennes French Europeans 17 13
04 IconNorway.png Norway Ketil Stokkan Romeo Norwegian -- 12 44
05 IconUnited Kingdom.png United Kingdom Ryder Runner in the Night English -- 7 72
06 IconIceland.png Iceland ICY Gleðibankinn Icelandic The bank of fun 16 19
07 IconThe Netherlands.png The Netherlands Frizzle Sizzle Alles heeft ritme Dutch Everything has rhythm 13 40
08 IconTurkey.png Turkey Klips ve Onlar Halley Turkish -- 9 53
09 IconSpain.png Spain Cadillac Valentino Spanish -- 10 51
10 IconSwitzerland.png Switzerland Daniela Simmons Pas pour moi French Not for me 2 140
11 IconIsrael.png Israel Moti Giladi and Sarai Tzuriel Yavo Yom Hebrew A day will come 19 7
12 IconIreland.png Ireland Luv Bug You Can Count On Me English -- 4 96
13 IconBelgium.png Belgium Sandra Kim J'aime La Vie French I love life 1 176
14 IconGermany.png Germany Ingrid Peters Über die Brücke geh'n German Crossing the bridge 8 62
15 IconCyprus.png Cyprus Elpida Tora Zo Greek Now I live 20 4
16 IconAustria.png Austria Timna Brauer Die Zeit ist einsam German Time is lonely 18 12
17 IconSweden.png Sweden Lasse Holm and Monica Törnell E' de' det här du kallar kärlek? Swedish Is this what you call love? 5 78
18 IconDenmark.png Denmark Lise Haavik Du er fuld af løgn Danish You are full of lies 6 77
19 IconFinland.png Finland Kari Kuivalainen Never The End Finnish -- 15 22
20 IconPortugal.png Portugal Dora Não sejas mau para mim Portuguese Don't be bad to me 14 28
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