The Eurovision Song Contest 1984, the 29th event of its kind, was held on 5 May 1984 in Luxembourg. The presenter, Désirée Nosbusch, only 19 years old at the time, which was quite unusual for the show at the time, hosting in a lax manner also. She switched between a strong transatlantic English, French, German and Luxembourgish in the course of talking, often in the same sentence, being fluent in all four. 

Ireland returned after a year's absence, while Greece and Israel withdrew. 

At the close of the penultimate jury's votes, there was only a difference of six points between Sweden and Ireland, at 141 and 135 respectively. However, Yugoslavia was the only country who had not given any points to Ireland, and Portugal, the last jury, gave that western country only two points, crushing their chances.

Portugal's voting also cost Denmark, who had been holding at a strong third position, even leading the scoreboard for a short time, in that place, when Portugal's 12 lifted Spain from 94 to 106 points. Portugal at the same time had only given Denmark one point making Denmark's total 101 points. Despite this, this was latter country's best position in over 20 years.

Halfway through the voting, the scoreboard turned blue and remained so until the end of the voting. This was visible only to television viewers.

The United Kingdom's entry was the first ever to be booed off the stage at Eurovision, stories say that this was in retaliation to English football fans rioting in Luxembourg the previous autumn.


Draw Country Artist Song Language Translation Place Points
01 IconSweden.png Sweden Herreys Diggiloo Diggiley Swedish -- 1 145
02 IconLuxembourg.png Luxembourg Sophie Carle 100% d'amour French 100% Of Love 10 39
03 IconFrance.png France Annick Thoumazeau Autant d'amoureux que d'étoiles As Many Lovers as Stars 8 61
04 IconSpain.png Spain Bravo Lady, Lady Spanish -- 3 106
05 IconNorway.png Norway Dollie de Luxe Lenge Leve Livet Norwegian Long Live Life 17 29
06 IconUnited Kingdom.png United Kingdom Belle & The Devotions Love Games English -- 7 63
07 IconCyprus.png Cyprus Andy Paul Anna Maria Lena Greek Anna Maria Lena 15 31
08 IconBelgium.png Belgium Jacques Zegers Avanti La Vie French Go Forward in Life 5 70
09 IconIreland.png Ireland Linda Martin Terminal 3 English -- 2 137
10 IconDenmark.png Denmark Hot Eyes Det' Lige Det Danish That's Just it 4 101
11 IconThe Netherlands.png The Netherlands Maribelle Ik hou van jou Dutch I Love You 13 34
12 IconYugoslavia.png Yugoslavia Vlado & Isolda Ciao, Amore Croatian Goodbye, Love 18 26
13 IconAustria.png Austria Anita Einfach Weg German Just Get Away 19 5
14 IconGermany.png Germany Mary Roos Aufrecht geh'n Stand Tall 13 34
15 IconTurkey.png Turkey Beş Yıl Önce, On Yıl Sonra Halay Turkish -- 12 37
16 IconFinland.png Finland Kirka Hengaillaan Finnish Let's Hang Around 9 46
17 IconSwitzerland.png Switzerland Rainy Day Welche Farbe hat der Sonnenschein German What Colour is the Sunshine? 16 30
18 IconItaly.png Italy Alice & Battiato I treni di Tozeur Italian The Trains of Tozeur 5 70
19 IconPortugal.png Portugal Maria Guinot Silêncio e tanta gente Portuguese Silence and So Many People 11 38

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