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The Eurovision Song Contest 1977 was the 22nd in the long running series, and was held on 7 May 1977 in London. With Angela Rippon as the presenter, the contest was won by Marie Myriam who represented France, with her song L'oiseau et l'enfant. This was the country's fifth victory and most recent victory, a record, which was equaled by Luxembourg in 1983, the United Kingdom in 1997, and most recently The Netherlands in 2019. It was beaten by Ireland in 1994 and Sweden in 2015.

The language rule was brought back in this contest, four years after it had been dropped in 1973. However Germany and Belgium were allowed to sing in English, because they had already chosen the songs they were going to perform before the rule was reintroduced. As noted in The Eurovision Song Contest - The Official History by author and historian John Kennedy O'Connor, the contest was originally planned to be held on 2 April 1977. According to reports in Dutch media the contest was cancelled mid-season following the BBC camera crew/technician strike of 1977. Dutch broadcaster AVRO were noted to intend reviving the contest in a minimised format featuring video clips instead of live performances. None of this eventually came to fruition, as subsequently the BBC announced that the contest was instead postponed and eventually held on 7 May 1977.

Returning Artists

Quite a few artists from previous years returned to the contest in 1977

Country Artist Previous year(s)
IconIsrael.png Israel Ilanit 1973
IconBelgium.png Belgium Stella Maessen (Dream Express)


IconAustria.png Austria Beatrix Neundlinger (Schmetterlinge) 1972
Günter Grosslercher (Schmetterlinge)
IconIreland.png Ireland The Swarbriggs 1975
IconMonaco.png Monaco Michèle Torr 1966
IconPortugal.png Portugal Fernando Tordo (Os Amigos) 1973
Paulo de Carvalho (Os Amigos) 1974


Draw Country Artist Song Language Translation Place Points
01 IconIreland.png Ireland The Swarbriggs Plus Two It's Nice to Be in Love Again English -- 3 119
02 IconMonaco.png Monaco Michèle Torr Une petite française French A little French girl 4 96
03 IconThe Netherlands.png The Netherlands Heddy Lester De mallemolen Dutch The merry-go-round 12 35
04 IconAustria.png Austria Schmetterlinge Boom Boom Boomerang German, English -- 17 11
05 IconNorway.png Norway Anita Skorgan Casanova Norwegian -- 15 18
06 IconGermany.png Germany Silver Convention Telegram English -- 8 55
07 IconLuxembourg.png Luxembourg Anne-Marie B Frère Jacques French Brother John 16 17
08 IconPortugal.png Portugal Os Amigos Portugal no coração Portuguese Portugal in my heart 14 18
09 IconUnited Kingdom.png United Kingdom Lynsey de Paul & Mike Moran Rock Bottom English -- 2 121
10 IconGreece.png Greece Paschalis, Marianna, Robert & Bessy Mathima Solfege Greek Music lesson 5 92
11 IconIsrael.png Israel Ilanit Ahava Hi Shir Lishnayim Hebrew Love is a song for two 11 49
12 IconSwitzerland.png Switzerland Pepe Lienhard Band Swiss Lady German -- 6 71
13 IconSweden.png Sweden Forbes Beatles Swedish -- 18 2
14 IconSpain.png Spain Micky Enséñame a cantar Spanish Teach me to sing 9 52
15 IconItaly.png Italy Mia Martini Libera Italian Free 13 33
16 IconFinland.png Finland Monica Aspelund Lapponia Finnish Lapland 10 50
17 IconBelgium.png Belgium Dream Express A Million in One, Two, Three English -- 7 69
18 IconFrance.png France Marie Myriam L'oiseau et l'enfant French The bird and the child 1 136