The Eurovision Song Contest 1971 was the 16th since the first in 1956. It was held in Dublin, Ireland, a city to be used for almost all the competitions in the 1990s. The new voting system that was introduced in this Eurovision did have one big problem: some juries gave fewer points out than others in hope to get their own country to win.

Groups of no more than six people were allowed on stage for the first time at this edition. The winner this year was Monaco. Serveine have them their only victory to date. The song was performed by a French singer, living in France, conducted by a French native and written by a French team.


Draw Country Artist Song Language Translation Place Points
01 IconAustria.png Austria Marianne Mendt Musik Viennese Music 16 66
02 IconMalta.png Malta Joe Grech Marija l-Maltija Maltese Mary the Maltese girl 18 52
03 IconMonaco.png Monaco Séverine Un banc, un arbre, une rue French A bench, a tree, a street 1 128
04 IconSwitzerland.png Switzerland Peter, Sue & Marc Les illusions de nos vingt ans The illusions of our 20 years 12 78
05 IconGermany.png Germany Katja Ebstein Diese Welt German This world 3 100
06 IconSpain.png Spain Karina En un mundo nuevo Spanish In a new world 2 116
07 IconFrance.png France Serge Lama Un jardin sur la terre French A garden on earth 10 82
08 IconLuxembourg.png Luxembourg Monique Melsen Pomme, pomme, pomme Apple, apple, apple 13 70
09 IconUnited Kingdom.png United Kingdom Clodagh Rodgers Jack in the Box English -- 4 98
10 IconBelgium.png Belgium Lily & Jacques Goeiemorgen, morgen Dutch Good morning, morning 14 68
11 IconItaly.png Italy Massimo Ranieri L'amore è un attimo Italian Love is a moment 5 91
12 IconSweden.png Sweden Family Four Vita vidder Swedish White horizons 6 85
13 IconIreland.png Ireland Angela Farrell One Day Love English -- 11 79
14 IconThe Netherlands.png The Netherlands Saskia & Serge Tijd Dutch Time 6 85
15 IconPortugal.png Portugal Tonicha Menina do alto da serra Portuguese High ridge girl 9 83
16 IconYugoslavia.png Yugoslavia Krunoslav Slabinac Tvoj dječak je tužan Croatian Your boy is sad 14 68
17 IconFinland.png Finland Markku Aro & Koivistolaiset Tie uuteen päivään Finnish A way to a new day 8 84
18 IconNorway.png Norway Hanne Krogh Lykken er Norwegian Happiness is 17 65
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