The Eurovision Song Contest 1964 was the 9th in the series, and was held in Tivolis Koncertsal in Copenhagen, Denmark. This was the first contest to be held in a Scandinavian country.[1]

Like 1956, there is no video recording of this contest, despite many people owning a television, but only stills, a short clip of the winner's reprise, and audio recordings of the contest remain. Rumour has it that the BBC once held visual recordings of the contest, but an empty tape canister marked 'Eurovision 1964' was found during a storage cleanup, presumably wiped for future programs (obviously).[2] No other broadcaster recorded the contest in its entirety other than the winner's reprise.[3] Segments of the contest exist in NDR's archives. DR, the host broadcaster, had a studio fire in the 1970s in which the tape was allegedly lost.

A few new surprises were introduced in this contest, that will follow on in the future; Portugal was the first country to score nul points on a debut, Anneke Grönloh (The Netherlands) was not of Dutch descent, but of Indonesian descent, and Los TNT was the first group with 3 or more members. Germany, SFR Yugoslavia and Switzerland all scored nul points for the first time, and Italy scored their first win of two so far.


Draw Country Artist Song Language Translation Place Points
01 IconLuxembourg Luxembourg Hugues Aufray Dès que le printemps revient French Once spring returns 4 14
02 IconThe Netherlands The Netherlands Anneke Grönloh Jij bent mijn leven Dutch You're my life 10 2
03 IconNorway Norway Arne Bendiksen Spiral Norwegian -- 8 6
04 IconDenmark Denmark Bjørn Tidmand Sangen om dig Danish The song about you 9 4
05 IconFinland Finland Lasse Mårtenson Laiskotellen Finnish Idling 7 9
06 IconAustria Austria Udo Jürgens Warum nur warum? German Only why, why? 6 11
07 IconFrance France Rachel Le chant de Mallory French Mallory's song 4 14
08 IconUnited Kingdom United Kingdom Matt Monro I Love the Little Things English -- 2 17
09 IconGermany Germany Nora Nova Man gewöhnt sich so schnell an das Schöne German How quickly we get used to nice things 13 0
10 IconMonaco Monaco Romuald Figuier Où sont-elles passées French Where have they gone? 3 15
11 IconPortugal Portugal António Calvário Oração Portuguese Prayer 13 0
12 IconItaly Italy Gigliola Cinquetti Non ho l'età Italian I'm not old enough 1 49
13 IconYugoslavia Yugoslavia Sabahudin Kurt Život je sklopio krug Bosnian Life has come full circle 13 0
14 IconSwitzerland Switzerland Anita Traversi I miei pensieri Italian My thoughts 13 0
15 IconBelgium Belgium Robert Cogoi Près de ma rivière French Near by my river 10 2
16 IconSpain Spain Los TNT Caracola Spanish Conch 12 1


  2. The Lost Tapes: BBC documentary about tape wiping during the 1960s, aired on BBC Three in 2009.
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