The Eurovision Song Contest 1960 was the 5th in the show's history, after the inauguration in 1956. The Netherlands won in 1959, however, they didn't want to host another contest so soon, so the hosting went to the second-placed United Kingdom for the first time. The show was hosted by Katie Boyle, who will go on to set a Eurovision record with Jacqueline Joubert by hosting three more contests up until 1974 inclusive.

The number of participants grew to 13. Norway made its debut with one of the country's leading jazz singers, Nora Brockstedt. The entry from Austria was written by famous operetta composer Robert Stolz who was already 80 years old in 1960.[1]

The winning country in 1960 has won before. France celebrated their second win in three years, this time with Tom Pillibi by Jacqueline Boyer. The United Kingdom were runners-up for the second time in a row, with Looking High, High, High by Bryan Johnson, the brother of Teddy Johnson, the male participant of the UK's entry the previous year. Things were looking up for Monaco with Ce soir-là by François Deguelt, finishing third after their dreadful debut.


Draw Country Artist Song Language Translation Place Points
01 IconUnited Kingdom.png United Kingdom Bryan Johnson Looking High, High, High English -- 2 25
02 IconSweden.png Sweden Siw Malmkvist Alla andra får varann Swedish All the others get each other 10 4
03 IconLuxembourg.png Luxembourg Camillo Felgen So laang we's du do bast Luxembourgish As long as you are there 13 1
04 IconDenmark.png Denmark Katy Bødtger Det var en yndig tid Danish It was a lovely time 10 4
05 IconBelgium.png Belgium Fud Leclerc Mon amour pour toi French My love for you 6 9
06 IconNorway.png Norway Nora Brockstedt Voi Voi Norwegian -- 4 11
07 IconAustria.png Austria Harry Winter Du hast mich so fasziniert German You fascinated me so much 7 6
08 IconMonaco.png Monaco François Deguelt Ce soir-là French That night 3 15
09 IconSwitzerland.png Switzerland Anita Traversi Cielo e terra Italian Heaven and earth 8 5
10 IconThe Netherlands.png The Netherlands Rudi Carrell Wat een geluk Dutch What luck 12 2
11 IconGermany.png Germany Wyn Hoop Bonne nuit ma chérie German Goodnight, my darling 4 11
12 IconItaly.png Italy Renato Rascel Romantica Italian Romantic 8 5
13 IconFrance.png France Jacqueline Boyer Tom Pillibi French -- 1 32


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