The Eurovision Song Contest 1959 was the fourth to be held, and it was in Cannes, in France. Teddy Scholten won this contest, making it the second win for the Netherlands - the first country to do so. She won with the song Een beetje.

The United Kingdom returned to the contest, and were runners up; starting a what would-be record of 15 second places as well as the longest run of participations. Luxembourg withdrew for this year, and Monaco made its debut. A new rule this year stated that music experts (songwriters, singers, musicians, etc.) were not allowed in the Jury anymore.

The lyricist of this song, Willy van Hemert, also wrote Net Als Toen, the winner in 1957. Teddy Scholten reprised, and not only that, Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson, and Jean Philippe also reprised their entries as part of being the top three. Domenico Modugno, however, outscored the winners yet again by scoring another hit worldwide with Piove (Ciao, ciao bambina).

The stage was a simple rotating backdrop of a scene from the participant's country, for example, Teddy Scholten performed in front of a windmill scene in The Netherlands, and Birthe Wilke in front of some cottages in Denmark.



Draw Country Artist Song Language Translation Place Points
01 IconFrance.png France Jean Philippe Oui, oui, oui, oui French Yes, yes, yes, yes 3 15
02 IconDenmark.png Denmark Birthe Wilke Uh, jeg ville ønske jeg var dig Danish Ooh, I'd wish I were you 5 12
03 IconItaly.png Italy Domenico Modugno Piove (Ciao, ciao bambina) Italian It's raining (Bye, bye baby) 6 9
04 IconMonaco.png Monaco Jacques Pills Mon ami Pierrot French My friend Pierrot 11 1
05 IconThe Netherlands.png The Netherlands Teddy Scholten Een beetje Dutch A bit 1 21
06 IconGermany.png Germany Alice & Ellen Kessler Heute Abend wollen wir tanzen geh'n German Tonight we want to go dancing 8 5
07 IconSweden.png Sweden Brita Borg Augustin Swedish -- 9 4
08 IconSwitzerland.png Switzerland Christa Williams Irgendwoher German From somewhere 4 14
09 IconAustria.png Austria Ferry Graf Der K und K Kalypso aus Wien The K & K Calypso from Vienna 9 4
10 IconUnited Kingdom.png United Kingdom Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson Sing, Little Birdie English -- 2 16
11 IconBelgium.png Belgium Bob Benny Hou toch van mij Dutch Do love me 6 9


  • 1959 was the first year the United Kingdom placed second, and they will place second in the next two contests. Also, it marks the first time they placed second out of some fifteen contests in the years between 1959 and 1998 - a Eurovision record.
  • Additionally, this was the start of a participation streak for the United Kingdom that remains uninterrupted to this very day.
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