E depois do adeus was the Portuguese entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 1974 performed by Paulo de Carvalho. A ballad, it is the story of a man who is faced with the end of a relationship. He tells his lover how he feels, likening her to "a flower that I picked", implying that the relationship was of a comparatively short duration. He also comments on the nature of love itself, singing that it is "winning and losing".

It was performed 16th on the night, following Switzerland and preceding Italy. At the close of voting, it finished in joint last place with 3 points.

The song also has an important place in Portuguese history. It was the first of two signals that helped launch the Carnation Revolution in 1974 which eventually succeeded in overthrowing the government in power at that time - the initial signal for the rebels was the song's debut playing on the radio. According to The Eurovision Song Contest: The Official History, it was described as "the only Eurovision entry to have actually started a revolution".


Quis saber quem sou, o que faço aqui
Quem me abandonou, de quem me esqueci
Perguntei por mim, quis saber de nós
Mas o mar não me traz tua voz
Em silêncio, amor, em tristeza enfim
Eu te sinto em flor, eu te sofro em mim
Eu te lembro assim, partir é morrer
Como amar é ganhar e perder

Tu vieste em flor, eu te desfolhei
Tu te deste em amor, eu nada te dei
Em teu corpo, amor, eu adormeci
Morri nele e ao morrer renasci

E depois do amor, e depois de nós
O dizer adeus, o ficarmos sós
Teu lugar a mais, tua ausência em mim
Tua paz que perdi, minha dor que aprendi
De novo vieste em flor, te desfolhei

E depois do amor, e depois do nós
O adeus, o ficarmos sós

I wanted to know who I was, what I’m doing here
Who has abandoned me, whom I forgot
I asked myself, I wanted to know about us
But the sea doesn’t bring me your voice
In silence, my love, in sadness at last
I feel you like a flower, I feel you hurting me
I remember you, leaving is dying
Like loving is winning and losing

You came as a flower that I have picked
You gave me your love, I gave you nothing
In your body, my love, I fell asleep
I’ve died in it and after dying I was reborn

And after love, and after us
Saying goodbye, staying alone
Your empty place, your absence in me
Your peace that I lost, my sorrow that I gained
Again you came as a flower that I picked

And after love, and after us
Saying goodbye, staying alone

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