Viktor Nikolaevich Belan, better known professionally as Dima Bilan, is a Russian actor, singer, songwriter and historian. He is a huge star in Russia with several hit records and numerous awards.

He represented his country at Eurovision twice within the span of two years. His first appearance was at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens with the song Never Let You Go. He finished third in the semifinal with 217 points and second in the final with 248 points - a full 44 points behind the eventual winners Lordi.

His second attempt was at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade with the song Believe, which he co-wrote. Again he qualified from the semifinal in third place, but unlike 2006 he went on to win the contest with 272 points, earning Russia its first victory.

Dima is one of five artists today to have won one year and finish second another year. Like Linda Martin, he won on his second attempt while finishing second on his first. As well, he is the only male in this elite group.

He also provided the voice of Prince Hans in the Russian dub of Frozen.


  • Dima Bilan is one of the three coaches of the Russian reality talent show The Voice Kids in seasons 1–4. and one of his team's artist is Kristian Kostov, who represented Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.
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