The 2010 entry for Slovakia, which failed to qualify to the final

Similar to The Curse of Number Two, the Curse of Green is another "curse" in the Eurovision Song Contest that involves the colour green being used on stage or worn by the performer.

Usually, but not in all situations, the performer fails to do well, doesn't qualify to the final or is the victim of the Barbara Dex Award of that year.

The Eurovision Song Contest 1968 was the first to be broadcast in colour, so any participants before that year are unknown to have worn green on the night of their performance or have green on the stage.

Katja Ebstein for Germany in 1970 is the first recorded person to have the Curse of Green, whereas Conan Osíris is the most recent. He failed to qualify to the 2019 final, and won the Barbara Dex Award while wearing green.

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