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Eurovision Song Contest 2021 (MY VERSION)

, and voted in this semifinal. It took place on 18 May 2021.

All qualified countries in both semifinals will have a "Q" as their placement until the final results are revealed.


The Roop


Ana Soklič


Russian Woman






Vasil Garvanilev
Here I Stand


Lesley Roy


Elena Tsagkrinou
El Diablo


Fallen Angel




The Wrong Place


Eden Alene
Set Me Free




Samira Efendi
Mata Hari


Go A


Destiny Chukunyere
Je Me Casse




Uku Suviste
The Lucky One


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SuperShannonDolan96 SuperShannonDolan96 27 February

What if South Korea took part in the Eurovision Song Contest...

If South Korea did took part in the Eurovision Song Contest, there will be...

2013: VIXX "On & On" Semifinal place: 1st (156 points), Final place: 2nd= (227 points) (Spokesperson: HaNi of EXID) (South Korea's jury gives 8 points to Russia, 10 points to Azerbaijan and 12 points to Denmark)

2014: ToHeart "Delicious" Semifinal place: 12th (42 points) OUT (Spokesperson: Jonghyun of SHINee) (South Korea's jury and televoting gives 8 points to Russia, 10 points to The Netherlands and 12 points to Austria) Commentator on both shows for South Korea: Yoo Jae-suk

2015: Jonghyun "Deja-Boo" Semifinal place: 7th (74 points), Final place: 19th (23 points) (Spokesperson: Key of SHINee) (South Korea's jury and televoting gives 8 points to Italy, 10 points to…

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MariusMax MariusMax 9 October 2020

Ok peeps, there weren’t any categories in the 1961 Italian entry. So I edited it and added categories


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April Syrup April Syrup 19 July 2020

Wishlist - Albania

like wiwibloggs, i will make a Eurovision wishlist! this time, each country will be in a seperate post ;-)

today is Albania. and guess who it is?

Dhurata Dora

she is so awesome, her voice is fantastic, and she's so beautiful. Albania needs to send her!!!

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April Syrup April Syrup 19 March 2020


is anybody else really sad that the ESC is canceled this year??? when i found out i was so sad! this year it was gonna be my second year of Eurovision, and, my second year is gonna be next year... ToT

i was so excited! i have a board on the wall with all the participants and their names, and the songs' names, I WAS READY!

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April Syrup April Syrup 17 December 2019


does anyone else on this Wiki know about the rumors about Sergey Lazarev being gay? after I became a fan of his I started to relize he really is gay, it was just so obvious! then I was looking for fanfiction on about him and found a looot of stories about him and Dima Bilan as a couple, and I started to ship them :P


tell me if you think they are cute together, and here are some photos and the link to FicBook :)


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April Syrup April Syrup 17 December 2019

Updates - Artists

I just wanted to update you on news of Eurovision artists, but know I am only gonna have a few artists, so do not go off thinking this is all Eurovision artists EVER!

Okay, I am starting with Sergey Lazarev (Russia 2016 3rd, Russia 2019 3rd):

~ he released his new album titled "Это Я (Eto Ya : This Is Me)" on November 29, 2019 and.... IT IS HIS BEST ALBUM EVER!! DAS BESTE (THE BEST)!!!!!! here is a link to the album:

~ performed "You Are The Only One" and "SCREAM" at Het Grote Songfestivalfeest in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on December 15, 2019

Jamie-Lee Kriewitz (Germany 2016 26th)

~ she released her first original song after 3 years of nothing! it is titled "FLYING" and is in German, even though there is one verse…

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Astriddancer2008 Astriddancer2008 18 November 2019

rudeness inst allowed

If you don't like Eurovision then don't be rude at all

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April Syrup April Syrup 19 August 2019

Why!? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

So you all know I love Sergey Lazarev, but Spotify recommended me, stuff that I don't even know! I took a screen shot and cropped it. All I knew was it had Polina Gagarina! Has this ever happened to you?

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April Syrup April Syrup 12 August 2019

ESC Story from an American.....

This is how I found Eurovision as an American!

I loved this show called Spirit Riding Free, and I wanted to find the theme song in different languages. I found it in German, and the artist was Jamie-Lee Kriewitz! I loved her voice! All it said though was Jamie-Lee, so I didn't know her last name. I then looked at the info on the video. It said Jamie-Lee Kriewitz! I then looked her up, and looked at Wikipedia for info, and it said she was in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016! I looked up Eurovision, and I found all I needed with the world! Now here we are! 😂😂 I love it! And I found a bunch of different artists, through this 1 competition, this competition that has been on, since, 1956! This competition, has been on for almost 65 years! 65 yea…

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Potato!79 Potato!79 18 May 2019


Discord is used in many many wikia's and this wiki could have a better way of communicating in discord! Join if you are a member of the wiki.

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Furry1832 Furry1832 16 April 2017

Possible dark horses of Eurovision 2017

​5. Finland

​Reason: Finland is usually not a bad country when at comes to music in Eurovision. Their recent entries, however, are very messed up. This year's entry is very slow and soothing, so I'm guessing the juries might give it a 7th or 8th in the semi finals. Norma John is an amazing person live, so she'll possibly get a good score with Televoting and might score 11-15th in the finals.

​4. Netherlands

​Reason: Holland usually is a good country in Eurovision and this song isn't an exception! Lots of fans are complaining about the music being dated, but that doesn't matter at all. They're really good live with great harmonizing skills, so their voices will land them a spot in the finals! The song also has a very strong meaning behind it, …

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Furry1832 Furry1832 11 April 2017

My 2017 Qualifiers of Semi Finals 1 and 2

​Note: These qualifying countries are named by running order, not by my favourites out of all of them.

​Semi Final 1:

​Sweden, Australia, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Greece, Moldova, Iceland, Armenia and Latvia.

​Semi Final 2:

​Russia, Macedonia, Netherlands, Hungary, Denmark, Belarus, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia and Israel.

​So, that would mean, Non-Qualifiers ( by order ) are:

​Semi Final 1:

​Georgia, Albania, Montenegro, Finland, Poland, Czechia, Cyprus and Slovenia.

​Semi Final 2:

​Serbia, Austria, Malta, Romania, Ireland, San Marino, Croatia, Norway and Switzerland.

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Furry1832 Furry1832 1 March 2017

Eurovision Favourite Biluingual Songs 2008-2016 Top 10

​10 - Armenia 2009 - Jan Jan

​9 - Austria 2016 - Loin d'ici

​8 - Italy 2012 - L'amore Femmina

​7 - Bulgaria 2012 - Love Unlimited

​6 - Israel 2009 - There Must Be Another Way

​5 - Isreal 2014 - Same Heart

​4 - Italy 2016 - Nessun Grado Di Separazonie

3 - Bulgaria 2016 - If Love Was A Crime

​2 - Ukraine 2016 - 1944

​1 - Armenia 2008 - Qele Qele

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Furry1832 Furry1832 28 February 2017

Junior Eurovision 2014 top

16 - Montenegro (​ Bad peformance with bad vocals. Not much to say )

​15 - Croatia ( ​Annoying repititve song about nothing at all. Deserved last )

​14 - Georgia ( ​Before show this was top 5. Live peformance was atrocious and she wasn't even trying! )

13 - Ukraine (​ Couldn't really get the hype around this song. )

​12 - Serbia ( ​Bland. Not much to say about this one )

​11 - Italy ( ​Didn't deserve to win. If Junior Eurovision went my way, he wouldn't be in top 10. )

10 - Sweden ( ​Vocals were a little off live and peformance was bland )

​9 - Russia ( ​Good vocals but not my cup of tea )

8 - Netherlands (​ This is an ok song, but I prefer the other 7 songs better )

7 - Cyprus ( ​Nice song. But it doesn't make my top 5. )

6 - San Marino ( ​Underrated…

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Furry1832 Furry1832 26 February 2017

Junior Eurovision 2016 top

​17- Cyprus ( The reason I'm ranking him so low is because of the fact that he dances a lot. He has good dance moves but it's a SINGING contest, not a dancing contest )

​16 - Serbia ( Before the show, this was in my top 10. But the live peformance was dull and her vocals were a bit out of tune at some parts )

​15 - Macedonia ( Before the show it was in my top 3. But looking at the live, I realised that it was too adult like for Junior Eurovision. )

​14 - Netherlands ( Just an everyday catchy pop song you hear on the radio. Nothing special. )

​13 - Australia ( Her live peformance was TERRIBLE! I was expecting much more from her! )

​12 - Isreal ( It's a nice song, and the hebrew part is very relaxing as well. But I prefer the other 11 songs bette…

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Furry1832 Furry1832 18 February 2017

My 2017 top

​1st - Finland ( My fav from pluto and back!! This song is so magical, dark and so soothing for me! ) 10/10

​2nd - France ( I

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Gleekygal2010 Gleekygal2010 4 February 2017

A little more about me

For my first blog post here, I thought I would share a little bit more about myself than what you see on my profile.  So here we go...

  • I am relatively introverted
  • I hold a bachelor's degree in Italian and French studies
  • I speak 3 languages
  • I still have three stuffed animals from the 1980s: two Smurfs (Papa Smurf and Smurfette) and a Care Bear (Friend Bear)
  • I have 5 different versions of Snoopy in my room
  • I often sleep with a stuffed Pikachu
  • My favorite food is sushi, and my favorite drink is tea
  • I love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
  • My dream is to visit Japan one day, but I would also love to visit France
  • I watch the Tour de France on TV every summer
  • I love movie musicals
  • I became a Team Sky fan in 2012 after seeing my favorite rider, Chris Fro…
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TheEngineer33 TheEngineer33 25 June 2014

Top Priorities 1

Here is a to-do-list for me to create articles for the wiki and contribute to other things.

  • Create Eurovision articles of the 1997 participants and their songs.
  • Add images to said articles.
  • Create many other pages for others.
  • Create pages for the Eurovision countries of Hungary, Belgium, and the Ukraine, among others.
  • Etc, etc.

If you want to help, go ahead and do so. Thanks and have a good day. :D

                                                                                                                                                        TheEngineer33 (talk) 05:06, June 25, 2014 (UTC)

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