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TIX from Norway, winner of the 2021 Barbara Dex Award

The Barbara Dex Award is an annual fan award given out to the artist with the most notable outfit of that year's Eurovision Song Contest. A notable outfit means one that attracts the attention of the public, in no case it wants to say that an outfit is ugly. Taste is personal, an outfit can be notable and liked by many people. The award was named after Barbara Dex, who competed for Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest 1993 wearing a rather unflattering handmade dress.

Many of these were victims of the Curse of Green.

North Macedonia, Portugal and Serbia currently hold the record for the most Barbara Dex Awards won with 2 each.

House of Eurovision, the Dutch fan site that founded the award in 1997, announced after the 2016 contest that they would close their site [1]. Belgian fan site announced soon after that they would take over the handing out of the award from 2017 on [2].

Winners of the Barbara Dex Award

Year Country Artist Image
1997 IconMalta.png Malta Debbie Scerri 1997.jpg
1998 IconGermany.png Germany Guildo Horn Guildo.jpg
1999 IconSpain.png Spain Lydia 1999ES.jpg
2000 IconBelgium.png Belgium Nathalie Sorce 2000BE.jpg
2001 IconPoland.png Poland Piasek 2001.jpg
2002 IconGreece.png Greece Michalis Rakintzis 2002.jpg
2003 IconRussia.png Russia t.A.T.u. 2003.jpg
2004 IconRomania.png Romania Sanda Ladoși 2004.jpg
2005 IconNorth Macedonia.png North Macedonia Martin Vučić 2005.jpg
2006 IconPortugal.png Portugal Nonstop NonstopLive.jpg
2007 IconUkraine.png Ukraine Verka Serduchka 2007UA.jpg
2008 IconAndorra.png Andorra Gisela GiselaLive.jpg
2009 IconHungary.png Hungary Zoli Ádok 2009.jpg
2010 IconSerbia.png Serbia Milan Stanković 2010.jpg
2011 IconGeorgia.png Georgia Eldrine 2011GE.jpg
2012 IconAlbania.png Albania Rona Nishliu 2012.jpg
2013 IconSerbia.png Serbia Moje 3 2013.jpg
2014 IconLithuania.png Lithuania Vilija Matačiūnaitė ESC2014 - Lithuania 01.jpg
2015 IconThe Netherlands.png The Netherlands Trijntje Oosterhuis 2015.jpg
2016 IconCroatia.png Croatia Nina Kraljić NinaLive.jpg
2017 IconMontenegro.png Montenegro Slavko Kalezić Slavko Live.jpg
2018 IconNorth Macedonia.png North Macedonia Eye Cue Eyecuelive.jpg
2019 IconPortugal.png Portugal Conan Osíris 15conan.jpg
2020 Contest Cancelled
2021 IconNorway.png Norway TIX 09tix.jpg