Anne Marie David is the only Eurovision entrant to return twice for two different countries, and come in the top three on both occasions. She represented Luxembourg at the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest, and added her name to the non-native singers, which includes Vicky Leandros and France Gall. She came back in 1979 and sung for her home country, France, where she came 3rd.

Eurovision Song Contest


In 1973, she was chosen to represent Luxembourg as the country tried to defend it's previous triumph at home in the Eurovision Song Contest. She joined the long list of non-native performers to have represented the country in the contest, which also includes France Gall and Vicky Leandros. The 1973 contest fell into a three-way fight between songs that have since been labeled as Eurovision classics: David's Tu te reconnaîtras, the Spanish entry from Mocedades, Eres tú, and the United Kingdom's Power To All Our Friends, performed by also two-time entrant, returning from 1968, Cliff Richard. Ultimately six points separated Cliff Richard at third place from Anne Marie David, securing the second win in a row for Luxembourg, something to be repeated by Israel and Ireland in just quite a few years to come.


In 1979, Anne Marie David came back a second time, representing her home country France this time.

She sang Je Suis L'Enfant Soleil in Jerusalem, and finished third place.

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