Anita Traversi was a Swiss singer who represented her home country at the 1960 Contest and again at the 1964 Contest, finishing in fifth place and joint last place with the dreaded Nul Points, respectively.

She also attempted to represent her home country in 1961 and 1963 (with three songs, including her first attempt in the German language), but did not make it in either year.

From the mid-1960s, her career foundered as her recordings met with little success. In 1967 she featured again, unsuccessfully, in the Swiss Eurovision heat and by the early 1970s she had effectively retired from showbusiness to devote herself to family life. She did however make one final appearance, with two songs, in the Swiss Eurovision selection of 1976, once more without success.

Traversi died of undisclosed causes in Bellinzona on 25 September 1991, aged 54.

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